Payment & shipping

We offer original furniture pieces and home decor created in the second half of the 20th century. All products we offer are original pieces, meaning these are not replicas or copies.

We focus mainly on merchandise from Czechoslovakia but sometimes we also offer products from abroad. Everything you see available for sale is in our warehouse available for immediate purchase.

Everything we sell is functional. We would like our customers to be able to use their purchased goods immediately, so that they don't have to worry about any other refittings or repairs. All additional information about the merchandise is included in its description, and is labeled accordingly.

All our goods for sale are labeled in one of the following ways:
- in original state (the product has been cleaned, but it was not necessary to repair it anywhere)
- after partial renovation (the product has been partially renovated, some of its parts are in their original state)
- after complete renovation (the product has been completely renovated)

Our website is not a regular online shop. This is mainly due to the fact that all goods on sale are often single pieces only, sometimes there might be several pieces available - but usually it's no longer possible to offer more pieces after the product has been sold.

This is how a purchase with us shall be processed: The customer sends us their selected order (either via contact form/email/telephone) - we reply and exchange necessary information about the purchase (i.e. delivery address, total price, payments, etc.) - once the customer has agreed and the payment has been processed, we are dispatching the product and the purchase is closed.

We accept orders either via our contact form that you can find at the detailed listing of each product. It is also possible to send us your order via email, or even via telephone. Once the order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email accepting the order, including further instructions. You can get the goods directly at our studio, or we dispatch the goods via carrier or regular mail. Please follow the instructions listed in the confirmation email.

We accept the following types of payments: bank transfer in advance, cash or credit/debit card if you're picking up your order. 

All products can be either picked up personally from our studio (in-studio pick up), or we can have them mailed via regular post or a shipping company (Delivery services).
If you choose to pick up the goods personally, your order will be ready for pick up directly at our studio (Mladoboleslavká 1096, Praha 13) (more information in CONTACTS). You will receive all necessary information via email right after your order was confirmed. Please make sure to set up an appointment with us beforehand either via phone, or wait until we contact you via email. We accept both cash and credit cards.

Should you wish to have your merchandise delivered via a delivery service or mail, please select "Delivery service". You will receive all necessary information via email right after your order was accepted. The shipping costs vary with various products - right after we receive your order, we calculate the shipping costs and delivery options and agree with you on desired option and payment. For delivery services we only accept payments via bank transfers and PayPal.

Each product listed on our website has a specific shipping label: "Shipping - EU only" or "Shipping - World". If you see "Shipping - EU only" label, this means we cannot ship this product to countries outside of the European Union.

Shipping to Czech Republic and Slovak Republic
Shipments to Czech Republic and Slovak Republic are sent via selected professional carrier companies. Czech Republic shipment should be completed within 24 hours, Slovak Republic within 48 hours. An employee of the carrier service will contact the addressee before the delivery, and will personally deliver the goods to a selected address.

Shipping to European Union
Deliveries abroad are sent via an international shipping company or regular mail. The delivery time varies accordingly to delivery destination.

Shipping outside of the European Union
Shipments outside of the European Union are always bound with an incoming tax. Unfortunately we are unable to disclose the exact amount of this tax, because these are different for each country. You can find out the tax amount with the customs office of your country.

We always notify our customers of the shipment costs before they are proceeding any payments.
We strongly recommend to check the goods upon the arrival when the delivering company employee is still present. If there is something wrong with the product, write that down together with the delivery company. We cannot accept later complaints and calls for return.

All our goods have a given 12 month warranty (as opposed to a standard issued by Czech law which is only 6 months).

Complaints & Returns
You can submit any complaints or calls for return either via email to or via telephone +420 777 736 955.
Complaints and calls for return are dealt with immediately.