We love and respect "old" things. Nanovo is a shop with an original applied art and design from the second half of the 20th century. We opened Nanovo in 2011 with a simple idea: to offer original, quality furniture and home decor items that are neglected in the Czech Republic and virtually unknown abroad. We focus on former Czechoslovak design, however we do offer foreign original items as well. 
Nanovo sells original mid-century design items we partially or completely restore. At present we are focused at production of iconic pieces from the Czechoslovak history.
We revive the original meaning and the beauty of our items. We always aim to restore the individual pieces into their most original state keeping in mind their age and history. Our aim is to allow the customer use such an object immediately. We manufacture replicas together with the most skillful craftsmen in the Czech Republic.
One of the reasons why we have started Nanovo was also to offer our customers the right service and professional approach that are still not a norm in our country. We offer a 100% servicing including professional consultations and delivery services all around the world. One year warranty is a guarantee. We also aim to surprise and inspire our customers with ideas on how to combine the old and the new and how to refresh interiors with unusual designs, whose original purpose may have been different.
Nanovo was established in Prague in 2011 as a garage business. Our first warehouse was our parents' attic and our first workshop was in dad's garage. Ever since then we sold thousands of items internationally. At present we reside in a beautiful industrial building on Kolbenova street that used to function as a warehouse for the Ministry of post and telegraphs built between 1931-33 after Josef Kalous's design. We specialize in original Czechoslovak and international design from the second half of the 20th century, custom-made renovations and in manufacturing replicas of Czechoslovak design icons that we produce in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2015 our company was awarded as the "Shop of the Year" by Czech Grand Design.

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