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Since our first steps with Nanovo in 2010 we have been on quite a journey! All wishful dreams of childhood businessmen came true! But truly, we never thought we shall be manufacturing brand new furniture.
Next year shall be a promising ride: we already wrote to Santa (or Czech Christmas Baby Jesus if you'd like) to bring us a new website as soon as possible - and we're working on that. We are in contact with certain amazing designers and we plan to relaunch yet another Czech(oslovak) original design. We shall also be looking for our new headquarters! And mainly, we'll be doing everything that we love doing.
 All these daring plans can come true thanks to YOU!
Thank you!
Happy upcoming holidays and may 2019 be one easy ride!
 We added the black and white version of the legendary U453 cabinet designed in 1958 by Jiří Jiroutek. Read more...
Launch of our first product  - cabinet U-453 with its designer Jiří Jiroutek and Iva Pazderková at Designblok 2018. Read more...

We won the Czech Grand Design Shop o fthe 2015! We were awarded  for opening a new store and its overall concept.