Chair 4455 walnut

Chair 4455 walnut

€ 728 incl. VAT

Dating back to 1955, this chair is a unique statement made by the furniture company’s founder Niko Kralj. With its no-fuss appeal, light and durable construction, and stackable functionality, the 4455 Chair embraces simplicity in design. As the first Rex Kralj product to feature a bent backrest, comfort doesn’t go unnoticed.
Seat height is 46,5 cm.

Metal base variants:
- white mat / incl. price
- black mat / incl. price

Specification sheet

Dimensions: 57 × 74 × 52 cm
(W × H × D)
Manufacturer: Rex Kralj
Country: Slovenia
Shipping: Available only for EU
P. number: 1910012
Condition: New