Chest of drawers U-453

Pink - grey
This product has been sold and is not available
Dimensions: 110 × 76 × 45 cm
(W × H × D)
Designer: Jiří Jiroutek
Manufacturer: Nanovo
Country: Czechoslovakia
P. number: 1810016B
Condition: New

A cabinet from the U-450 series originally designed in 1958 by Jiří Jiroutek (*1928).

Mr. Jiroutek conceived the U-453 when he was just 30 years old. It stood out from other designs of the time with its shape, inventive details, and modern colours – and above all, it was available to the public. Lower production costs also allowed Mr. Jiroutek to focus more on the details in his design. This model was so successful that it remained in production for an incredible 20 years.

In 2018, exactly 60 years after its initial release, we launched reissue of this icon of Czechoslovak design in a ceremony at the Designblok festival in Prague (read more).

During our renewal of production, we worked in close cooperation with Jiří Jiroutek, with whom we consulted about our choice of materials and all the manufacturing details.

The cabinet is completely handmade in the Czech Republic using solid spruce with an oak veneer and a semi-matte finish. The drawers were originally plywood, but we now make them from solid beech. Aside from this innovation, the entire cabinet is made precisely according to the original design.

In 2019, we received the Elle Decoration Edida Prize in the furniture category for our reissue of these classic cabinets.