Chest of drawers U-453 ATYP

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Dimensions: 110 × 76 × 38 cm
(W × H × D)
Designer: Jiří Jiroutek
Manufacturer: Interier Praha
Country: Czechoslovakia
Decade: 1960s
P. number: 2209021A
Condition: New

Newly made chest of drawers from the U-450 series, originally designed in 1958 by Jiří Jiroutek (*1928).

The atypical chest of drawers U-453 comes from the rare Universal (U-450) test series, which Jiří Jiroutek designed for the Czechoslovak national company Interiér Praha. The test series from which this cabinet comes was in production for only two years, while the standard U-450 series was produced for approximately 20 years. This unique piece was forgotten and only a few versions were produced.

In restoring the production, we worked closely with designer Jiří Jiroutek, with whom we consulted on the choice of materials and all production details.

The cabinet is completely handmade in the Czech Republic from solid spruce with oak veneer and semi-matt lacquer. The drawers are made of solid beech wood (originally plywood) and the base is made of solid wood. The chest of drawers is made according to the original design.

Jiří Jiroutek's design is one of the symbols of the so-called Brussels style, which became popular after the success of the Czechoslovak pavilion at the Brussels Expo '58.