Executive Chair

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An exclusive leather Executive Chair designed in 1963 for Knoll by Charles Pollock, sometimes called simply The Pollock Chair. It was a very successful piece that was sold in massive quantities, to this day, the chair is a part of the prestigious Knoll Collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The shell of the seat is made of fiberglass, a characteristic element of this chair is the aluminum rim, which structurally and optically holds the construction of the seat and backrest together. Comfort is guaranteed by high-quality leather padding and ergonomic armrests. The swivelling base with castors is made of steel. The chair is in an excellent condition, with minimal abrasions in the base coating. The chair does not have an adjustable seat height.

Dimensions: 67 × 80 × 67 cm
(W × H × D)
Designer: Charles Pollock
Manufacturer: Knoll
Country: United States
Decade: 1990s
P. number: 2011004A
Condition: In original condition