Fischel Rocking chair

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Dimensions: 60 × 123 × 130 cm
(W × H × D)
Manufacturer: D. G. Fischel & Söhne
Country: Czechoslovakia
Decade: 1930s
P. number: 2103021A
Condition: In original condition

Beech bentwood rocking chair made in the 1930s by D. G. Fischel & Söhne. The company was founded by the Fischel brothers in the town of Mimoň, which was surrounded by beech forests. The wood was ideal for making bentwood furniture. The process involves heating the wood, which causes it to shrink, and then submerging it into boiling water so that it swells and becomes easy to bend and manipulate. Once the wood dries, it hardens in its new shape. The Fischel brothers crafted tables, benches, coat stands, and bed frames, but their most popular product was this rocking chair. The chair back is woven from ratan, which is slightly damaged in one spot, and the seat is made from beech plywood. The rocking chair also features an extendable footrest.