Functionalist pendant

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A functionalist metal pendant designed by the Czech designer František Anýž. Before the First World War, Anýž established a metal processing factory in Holešovice, Prague, the building was designed by the architect Engel. His work was influenced by his collaboration with functionalist architects, such as Kotěra, Balšánek, Polívka, Fanta, to whose interiors he designed his minimalist lights. His wife took part in the design of the lighting fixtures, later his son took over the business. The pendant is composed of several calycinal shapes. The main and largest of them have a circular opening underneath, with a convex opaque glass lens of white colour. The glazed opening scatters the light emitted by the bulbs located above it. The light is fully functional, in a very good condition. Chandelier for 4 bulbs with E27 socket.

Dimensions: 48 × 90 × 48 cm
(W × H × D)
Designer: Franta Anýž
Manufacturer: Franta Anýž
Country: Czechoslovakia
Decade: 1940s
P. number: 2005008A
Condition: In original condition