Glass shade for lamp ÚLUV

This product has been sold and is not available
Dimensions: 33 × 71.5 × 33 cm
(W × H × D)
Manufacturer: ÚLUV
Country: Czechoslovakia
Decade: 1960s
P. number: 2210016A
Condition: New

Replacement glass shade for a floor lamp produced in the 1960s by ÚLUV (Ústředí lidové umělecké výroby).

ÚLUV was founded in 1948 by the association of several brands, including the well-known Krásná jizba. After the nationalisation of large companies and the liquidation of small workshops and entrepreneurs in the same year, the company became a safety net for Czechoslovak craftsmen. Thanks to ÚLUV, makers of textiles, furniture, ceramics, clothing and home accessories found outlets in workshops across the country. The Prague company had a production facility in Uherské Hradiště.

The glass shade is a copy of the original glass from the ÚLUV lamp. It is made in the Czech Republic from blown milk glass.