Lamp B1/15610 Prominent from Hotel Praha, designed by Karel Volf

This product has been sold and is not available
Dimensions: 50 × 110 × 50 cm
(W × H × D)
Designer: Karel Volf
Manufacturer: Osvětlovací sklo Valašské Meziříčí
Country: Czechoslovakia
Decade: 1980s
P. number: 2107031A
Condition: After partial renovation

B1/15610 Prominent floor lamp, designed in the 1980s by Karel Volf for Hotel Praha. At the time it opened in 1981, Hotel Praha featured some of the most luxurious accommodations in Czechoslovakia. It was built exclusively for the Communist Party and its guests, and ordinary citizens weren’t allowed access. The best possible materials were used in its construction, and the furnishings were created by renowned artists and designers of the time.
The hotel was demolished in 2014, and this lamp, produced by the company Osvětlovací Sklo Valašské Meziříčí, is one of few surviving items. It is made from Triplex opal milk glass and consists of a base and a top shade, which together form an hourglass shape. It is divided in the middle by a metal ring, where the on/off switch can be found. When lit, it emits a very soft, pleasant light. The lamp is functional and in perfect condition.