Napako 1703

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Dimensions: 55 × 170 × 40 cm
(W × H × D)
Manufacturer: Napako
Country: Czechoslovakia
Decade: 1950s
P. number: 2101043A
Condition: After partial renovation

A floor lamp type 1703 designed in the fifties by Josef Hůrka and manufactured by the national enterprise NAPAKO. Josef Hůrka is a Czech designer who worked for NAPAKO and is responsible for its most famous designs. The chromium-plated iron frame of the lamp, so called grasshopper style, is made of a main rod supported by two side hairpin legs made of bent rods. The light switch is built in a round element placed in the middle of the leg of the lamp. The lamp is fully functional, in a good condition with some scratches on the chromium-plated surface. The pergamen lamp shade has been newly made.