Otakar Marcin  - Lovers II

Otakar Marcin - Lovers II

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A wooden sculpture named The Lovers by a Czech sculptor Otakar Marcin made in the year 1986. The sculptures of lovers have been Marcin's ongoing theme since the beginning of his work. Since the seventies he has created many oblong sculptures of lovers of various sizes and materials both for private owners and for installation in public spaces. In his works Marcin often likes to capture narrative and movement therefore the sculptures have very dynamic compositions. The carving method is clearly visible and by the varying depth of the chisel delves the author gives the figures more contrast shading. If you are an art collector, there is another sculpture of lovers from the same series by Otakar Marcin on our website.

Dimensions: 87 × 26 × 9 cm
(W × H × D)
Manufacturer: Otakar Marcin
Country: Czechoslovakia
Decade: 1980s
Shipping: Worldwide
P. number: 1807043
Condition: In original condition