PeeM armchair

This product has been sold and is not available

Leatherette armchair in a military green colour, which was manufactured in the seventies by the Finnish company PeeM for the Czechoslovak market and distributed exclusively through the Tuzex chain of shops. At the time, these were considered above-standard goods, so these then expensive armchairs are now often preserved in a remarkably good condition. The steel construction of the base is typical for the period of the seventies, allows for turning and tilting, the swing can be locked with a lever. The chair has been cleaned and treated with a special agent for leather. The photos show some wear of the leatherette upholstery.

Dimensions: 76 × 97 × 83 cm
(W × H × D)
Manufacturer: PeeM
Country: Finland
Decade: 1970s
P. number: 2012001A
Condition: In original condition