Shelf U-490, design by Jiří Jiroutek

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Dimensions: 95 × 25 × 23.5 cm
(W × H × D)
Designer: Jiří Jiroutek
Manufacturer: Interier Praha
Country: Czechoslovakia
Decade: 1960s
P. number: 2102016A
Condition: After complete renovation

Wooden shelf model U-490, designed by Jiří Jiroutek for Interier Praha in the 1970s. Interier Praha was founded in 1950 and was in operation for over 50 years. They worked with top Czech designers to create modular furniture for homes and offices.
This shelf was most likely a part of their U-450 line of residential modular furniture, and it has the original label on the back which designates it a “Large Shelf U-490”. It is made from plywood with an oak veneer, and it is covered with a clear varnish. The shelf has not been refurbished, but it is in excellent original condition.