Vaulting box

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A classic vaulting box known from school gymnasiums. The vaulting box is a type of gymnastic equipment assembled from wooden rectangular truncated pyramids that can be taken apart thus the height of the box can be altered. This box is assembled from seven well fitted parts with oblong holes, the smallest part is upholstered by genuine leather from the upper side. The box is left in its original condition, the upholstery has an oval patch stitched with coarse string. Due to the variable height and the possibility of dismantling the vaulting box is nowadays used not only as a gymnastic equipment, but also as a bench or a side table with sophisticated storage space inside.

Dimensions: 152 × 113 × 73 cm
(W × H × D)
Country: Czechoslovakia
Decade: 1940s
Shipping: Worldwide
P. number: 1806032
Condition: In original condition