Vaulting goat

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Dimensions: 76 × 101 × 64 cm
(W × H × D)
Decade: 1920s
P. number: 1806033A
Condition: In original condition

A classic vaulting goat most likely made in the twenties. familiarly known from Czech school gymnasiums. The vaulting horse was invented for vaulting discipline by the 'father of gymnastics' Friedrich Ludwig Jahn. The earlier prototypes were in the shape of a head less horse body, later they were simplified to this iconic shape that became a part of Czech gyms for over a century. Solid four angled wooden legs with once blue painted metal hooves support a cylindrical wooden body that is tightly upholstered with genuine leather. The vaulting horse is fully functional, left in the original condition with a rich brown leather patina. It is ready to serve as an excercise equipment as well as a statement piece of an interior.