Ceremonial launch of U-453 cabinet with Jiří Jiroutek

After more than half a year of preparation, we were finally able to look at the U-453 cabinet at this year's Designblok, as it looked when it was made in 1959 by one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the Czechoslovakia - Interiér Praha.
For the launch of this new cabinet, we could not choose a better opportunity in the Czech Republic than Designblok. On Friday 26th October we launched our first made U-453 cabinet with Mr. Jiří Jiroutek and the amazing Iva Pazderková. We restored the production exactly 60 years from the time Mr. Jiroutek designed this iconic piece of furniture. We did not celebrate only the first made U-453 cabinet, but it was also the beginning of the new era of Nanovo, where we produce new replicas of icons of Czechoslovak design in collaboration with the authors or their descendants.
Thank you Iva Pazderka for great support!
Thank you Dita Havranok for great photos!  http://ditahavrankova.com