Five Best Chairs

Their design is timeless, they bravely fulfill their function for decades. These are the five best chairs by Nanovo.

Chairs are pieces of furniture that each one of us uses daily. They were created for their function, and their function is usually what determined how they looked like. However, there are some of the iconic pieces that survived their era and even though they can be called "retro," they've been functional for decades and their design is simply timeless. The pieces we chose are typical with their minimalist design. These are chairs without unnecessary curls, made of quality materials, and their main purpose is functionality. Even the simplest, most modest chair gives any interior a soul - and can become the focal point of the entire modern housing system.

Armchair H-128 by Jindřich Halabala
One of the gems of our shop is the unique armchair H-128 designed by Jindřich Halabala in 1935 for a furniture company UP Závody. This armchair is the embodiment of progressive design of that era, functionality, and traditional craft. When we purchased this armchair from the original owner, it was in a terrible condition. We undertook a several-weeks long renovation that meant for example the fabrication of missing metal particles, or the demanding renovation or the wooden parts.

Z-Chair by the German designer Ernst Moeckl
In Czechoslovakia, the necessary standard of exterior furnishings were Vertex chairs designed by Miroslav Navrátil. Eastern Germany had similar "pet chair" - Z-Chairs by Ernst Moeckle. These are stackable chairs produced as seamless one-pieces from polyurethane.

Scandiavian rocking chair
When we say Scandinavian furniture, we imagine a log cabin somewhere near the Polar circle, burning fire in the fireplace, and in front of the fireplace, a simple rocking chair. This comfy rocking chair was designed by Varjosen Puunjalostus and produced by Finnish furnishing company Musikyla.

Danish armchair Cado
We love things that don't lose their beauty with age, but, similarly to wine, they gain their quality with years to come. Should the wine be perfect, it needs to be made from quality grapes from the scratch. We can say the same thing with furniture - without quality material, precise drawing and design, there can be no good furniture. The result of these three equally important areas is for us for example this armchair designed by Poul Cadovius for his own Danish company Cado.

Danish chair Cado 290
Poul Cadovius, a famous Danish interior designer and architect established his furnishing company Cado in late 1950s. During the production process, he cooperated with many famous designers, such as Finn Juhl or Steen Østergaard. And it was Østergaard who is the author of this elegant chair #290. His chair is a seamless single piece that can function well both in an interior or in a garden.

© Photos by Dita Havránková