Flat No. 9

Each and every customer is our inspiration and brings us a new pleasant experience. We highly value people who are not afraid of experimenting - with their flat as it was in this case.
Although most of the interior decor of this client comes from current renowned brands and designers, they still managed to surprise us with their insight and creativity. They incorporated these beautiful chests of drawers by Jiri Jiroutek and a lovely coffee table by ULUV in their flat. We believe that you will agree that these cabinets by Interier Prague designed by the above mentioned Jiri Jiroutek go amazingly well together with the iconic Poul Henningsen lamp or the Eames' armchairs.

Interier Prague cabinets designed by Jiri Jiroutek: http://www.nanovo.cz/en/products/furniture

Photos by Dita Havránková http://ditahavrankova.com

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