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This new brand of original, designer, metal furniture was created by uniting a traditional manufacturer which has been in operation since 1965 in the town of Plesná on the Czech–German border with the designers Filip Mirbauer and Michal Strach, who are responsible for the brand’s creative direction and product design.

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Fleysen is a reference to the historical name of the town of Plesná, where the metal furniture is produced. The name Fleysen can be found in chronicles dating back to the fifteenth century, when the village was part of a historical region called the Egerland.
The history of the premises where Elroz Invest s.r.o. (the founder of the Fleysen brand) has its headquarters today goes back to 1906, when a textile mill began its operations there. The factory later became one of the most modern in Czechoslovakia, and its equipment and operations even impressed Tomáš Baťa when he visited. After a very turbulent period that began in the Czech borderlands in 1938, the factory’s fate changed completely several times.
In 1960 the factory began producing switchboards, first under the name of the national enterprise Stavokonstrukce and later as the current brand Elroz. Switchboards from Plesná have been used to light up many Czech housing estates and public buildings all over the country. Production continues here uninterrupted, and in 1991 it was expanded to include metal shelving and later also workshop cabinets.


In 2018 the company was taken over by the new owner, Filip Dušek, a local patriot. His first change was to innovate their existing product line. Adding colour and perforations to their designs opened up new foreign markets to the company. From there it was just a short step to collaborating with designers, the first result of this union was a collection of furniture and lighting presented at Designblok 2021. This collection was nominated for the award for best furniture collection.


Responsibility and sustainability

These are the core values of Fleysen and the entire Elroz company. In addition to FSC certification, we make sure that our products are recyclable, biodegradable, or made directly from recycled materials. Our primary material is iron, which guarantees that our products won’t end up in a landfill but will be recycled. We also use biomass plastics that can be composted. We are working hard to reduce our factory’s carbon footprint, and since 2018 we have reduced our CO2production by 45 %. Our goal is carbon neutrality. We also support local community, sports, and cultural associations.

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