Galvanitas factory

Founded in 1934 in a Dutch city Oosterhout artisan company is famous for its iconic industrial chairs. Using traditional craftsman methods it produced furniture especially for heavy use in public buildings - schools, canteens and institutions. The Galvanitas furniture is reminiscent of the designs by Wim Rietveld, a son of Gerrit Rietveld, who together with Friso Kramer designed steel and plywood furniture for Dutch company De Cirkel.

Galvanitas furniture is unique for its high level of craftsmanship and durability. The classic tubular frame stucture was replaced by pressed steel. This technology provided both firm industrial character and delicate elegance. Chair seats and backs are mad of pagwood, a plywood soaked in resin that results in remarkable firmness and water and UV resistance which leaves the wood with its original colour. Furniture is also practical and easy to use,  all chairs are stackable and suitable for exteriors.

Galvanitas S14

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Chair S14
In 1958 the company designed a simple chair with compass legs that then became typical.


Galvanitas S16


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Chair S16
The most famous S16 chair was designed and largely produced in sixties. The chair quickly spread to schools and seated generations of Dutch students. The typical compass legs are made of pressed steel, seat and back is made of pagwood produced by Pagholz in West-Germany. The chair became very popular not only for public institutions, but is widely used in residential spaces.

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Galvanitas S22

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Chair S22
Another chair with compass legs produced in late sixties especially for canteens.

Galvanitas S23

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Chair S23
This chair with closed "sledge" frame was produced in seventies and distributed as a dining chair.

Galvanitas table from 1960s

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Table Bureau Galvanitas 
Table T.D.4 is immediately recognisable as the brother of the S16. With the same clean lines and characteristic compass legs. Originally most often used in canteens and as teachers desks, now perfect as a dining or conference table. A great addition to your sleek interior. Minimalist to perfection!
Table top TD4 is made of solid wood. The choice is between beech, oak or walnut. The wood board table is very well processed and looks just great! With a seemingly simple design, elegant look and quality, the table fits into a variety of interior styles. With its industrial pedigree, the TD4 table will look great in large industrial interiors. The TD4 tables are perfectly complementary with the S16 chairs.

TD4 Tables are available in a 4-tone metal base: cement gray, brown, black and white. The length of the table is from 120 cm to 220 cm.

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The Galvanitas company still produces furniture for school under brand Galvanitas BV in Breda, Netherlands, but its newer product never reached the same popularity as those from fifties to seventies.

Galvanitas & De Machinekamer
Since 2014 the S16 chair and the TD4 table have been back in production in a collaboration with Dutch company De Machinekamer. Using the original moulds and production methods, they have been able to produce identical pieces of furniture, with all parts interchangeable with the originals.

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