Meeting with Mr. Jiří Jiroutek

We have had the honour to meet with architect Jiří Jiroutek, the author of sectoral furniture Universal and U-450 cabinets for Czechoslovak company Interier Praha.

Mr. Jiroutek is 95 years old, is amazingly humorous and has a story after story rolled up his sleeve: how he’s bumped into a bison during his travels through the USA, or how they used to meet with IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad during Jiroutek’s work in Sweden. To this day, Jiroutek still designs furniture. We shall certainly talk more about this legend of Czechoslovak furniture!

 There are so many things going on keeping us busy with Adam - currently it’s planning of new furniture production. We have had this idea in our heads for months and finally we have reached the phase when we can start! We chose several iconic pieces from Czechoslovak design history that we will produce in limited series in Czech workshops. First piece coming out is the famed U-450 cabinet by Mr. Jiroutek.

Check complete offer of original cabinets from 60s designed by Jiří Jiroutek for Interiér Praha in our shop!

Meeting with Mr. Jiří Jiroutek - 1 Meeting with Mr. Jiří Jiroutek - 2