NANOVO shop opening

We waited for our own shop for well over two years. Each trip to Prague city center was a lookout trip to find our new shop. Our eyes wide open, each evening we studied the land register to see whose deserted window-shop was it that we imagined could be our new shop.

Finally it’s here! Three months of trial operation and we can celebrate that it all worked! We’re tired, we’re never home but the energy that moves us forward since the beginning is still with us!

And really, we didn’t expect that many people. Our Facebook event page told us there are over 600 guests coming - we know that maybe a third might show up - but that’s still cool, right? :) At times it was impossible to pass through the shop. We had several complaints, police showed up. Even better! We couldn’t have dreamed it better. Thank you!

PS. We still don’t understand how is it possible that not a single glass was broken!

NANOVO shop opening - 1 NANOVO shop opening - 2 NANOVO shop opening - 3 NANOVO shop opening - 4 NANOVO shop opening - 5 NANOVO shop opening - 6 NANOVO shop opening - 7