Our shop's first birthday

November 5 just marked the very first birthday of our longed-for shop. We waited good two years to have it! We nearly rented one shop before, not far from Petrske namesti, but it didn’t work out so well. After many months of dealing with the administration issues, we got stuck on electricity connection, which last owner of that space had, but we got cut off. Perhaps some dog-in-the-manger didn’t want us to be there. All clouds have a silver lining: because of this we didn’t get stuck at Petrske namesti and thanks to our friends (Jirka!), we found our current shop at Týnská ulička 627/8, in the heart of Prague.

The birthday party was amazing, smaller than the opening night in September 2015, when Facebook told us we had over 600 people coming. Thank you all for your help and visit! Take a look at our timelapse video - how busy as bees were we the day before and during our birthday party.

Thanks for your support! :)