Renovation - Chest of drawers Interier Praha

Our main goal is to offer our customers merchandise of the utmost quality achievable. Given the industry we are in, there is no need to renovate everything - for example, the original industrial furniture or lights look splendid in their own, raw original patina.
Too much of rawness and patina though doesn't do much good to retro furniture and lights of every day use, and thus we aim to sensibly renovate and restore such items. One example can be the chest of drawers designed by Jiří Jiroutek made by Interier Praha.
We aim to reach the following restoration norm: the customer purchases a fully renovated, fully functional chest of drawers that bears signs of light use, that bestow authenticity upon the item.
The following examples illustrate the processes that items under renovation have to go through.
The entire process takes about two days.

1. Complete construction check up
2. Restoration of the wooden construction
3. Cleaning of the dresser's interior
4. Cleansing, potentially also old varnish sanding (usually only on the upper desk)
5. New laquer (usually only on the upper desk)
6. Drawers check up
7. Drawers restoration
8. New coating of the drawer's black side
9. Drawers reassembly
10. Lock refurbishment and key manufacturing
11. Dresser's completion