We need more space!

We are looking for a new space for Nanovo!

We've been in Kolbence for 5 years, and since then, things have changed a lot and we've grown a lot.

We are looking for a new place where we could work for the next 10 years. We are looking for a space of minimum 250m2 to 500m2.

We would like to have a workshop, warehouse, showroom and office in the new space.

We love old industrial buildings, places that have a spirit, where we will work well and where we will like our customers.

The location is not crucial to us, it is just a wider center.

Due to the frequent moving of furniture and bigger things, we need an ideal ground floor with an entrance for delivery.

Do you know about that place? - please write to jiri@nanovo.cz or call 603 145 362.

Whoever recommends where we move, gets a voucher to spend 5000 Czk at our store.

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