Furniture renovation


Since 2011 we renovate and sell furniture and home decor items. Our main speciality is furniture from the second half of the 20th century. Throughout the entire existence of Nanovo, we have encountered all kinds of possible restoration issues and met so many craftsmen that we are able to restore (almost) anything.


From the beginning to the end - Renovation in full

One of our shops main rules is to sell items that our customers can use right away. As passionate collectors we were always unpleasantly surprised when we purchased e.g. a beautiful old sofa only to deal with weeks-long renovations of the individual sofa parts. The wooden skelet had to be fixed with one carpenter, someone else would apply the varnish, and only then we could go see the upholsterer. Whether it was furniture or some home decor items, it was always a very lengthy procedure.


The craftmenship and the quality are key

We dare say that this process is an absolute treat with us. We simply renovate the entire piece! If there is something we can’t fix, we know someone who can. We will take care of everything so you can get your items ready as new and fixed. We are able to renovate everything made out of quality materials. If something cannot be restored, we may be able to reproduce it: sometimes we use 3D printers to reproduce missing parts. However, we still prefer working the old-fashioned way!