Czech design legend Jiří Jiroutek and his U-450 cabinets

At the end of January it will be 96 years since Jiří Jiroutek was born in Pardubice. The Czech furniture designer worked for many years for Interiér Praha, where he designed the famous U-450 chest of drawers and met Jindřich Halabala.

For three years he worked as a designer for IKEA in Sweden, where he was chosen by founder Ingvar Kamprad during his visit to Czechoslovakia. In 1992, Jiří Jiroutek founded his own studio, Atelier Jiroutek, which focused on interiors for banks and insurance companies.

Cabinet U-458 in interior. Photos by Dita Havránková

You can read more about the life of Jiří Jiroutek, a legend of Czech design, in this article on our website.

Jiří Jiroutek in his apartment. Photos by Dita Havránková


Collaboration with Nanovo

In 2018, the founders of Nanovo met Mr Jiří Jiroutek in person and thus began a long-term cooperation and friendship.

Adam Karásek, founder of Nanovo and Jiří Jiroutek. Photos by Dita Havránková

Mr Jiroutek lived to the venerable age of 95, and we naturally wondered how he was still so fit, both physically and mentally. During one of our meetings, he spoke up and told us his recipe for longevity. He said: "Three things are essential, gentlemen: black elderberry blossoms, home-made honey and Pilsner beer. That's a guaranteed recipe for living to 90. "

Celebration of Jiří Jiroutek's 93rd birthday.

Mr Jiroutek was full of energy until the last moments of his life. Every day he sat "at the board", as he said, designing new furniture. He left us last May at the age of 95.


Cabinets U-452 in interior. Photos by Dita Havránková

Cabinet U-453, designed by Jiří Jiroutek. Photos by Dita Havránková

Cabinet U-460. Photos by Dita Havránková

As part of the anniversary of Mr Jiroutek's birth, we are offering a 20% discount on all U-450 cabinets until 5 February 2024.

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Interview for Czech Radio

A year ago, Jana Davidová Kracíková asked us to contact Mr Jiroutek to record an interview with him for Radio Vltava. The result was a wonderful interview, which you can listen to on the Czech Radio website.