Terms & Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions") of Nanovo design s.r.o., with its registered office at U Nesypky 1333/15, Prague 5 -Smíchov, 150 00, I?O: 03985822, registered in the Commercial Register under No. 240869, kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, e-mail info@nanovo.cz, telephone 00420 777 736 955 ("We" or "Seller") regulate, in accordance with the provisions of Section 1751(1) of Act no. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended (the "Civil Code"), regulate the mutual rights and obligations of You as the Buyer and Us as the Seller arising in connection with or based on the purchase contract (the "Contract") concluded through the e-shop on the website www.nanovo.cz.

The provisions of these Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the Contract. The Contract and the Terms and Conditions are drawn up in the Czech language. We may unilaterally change or amend the wording of the Terms and Conditions. This provision does not affect the rights and obligations arising during the period of validity of the previous version of the Terms and Conditions.

As you know, we communicate primarily by remote means. Therefore, our contract is also subject to the use of means of remote communication which allow us to agree with each other without the simultaneous physical presence of us and you, and the contract is therefore concluded remotely in the e-shop environment, through the interface of the website ("e-shop web interface").

If any part of the Terms conflicts with what we have mutually agreed as part of the process of your purchase on our e-shop, that particular agreement will prevail over the Terms.

1.     General Provisions

Our main goal is a satisfied customer. We strive to do everything for that. Every functional cooperation has to have its rules. When you are shopping with us you are confirming that you are aware of these rules and that you agree with them.

The below stated conditions are bound to our online shop www.nanovo.cz that offers original historical items, quality furniture and home decor items. We also offer furniture renovation services as well as furniture and home decor rental. Sometimes we may come to an agreement specific to our cause. In such cases our agreement will have a priority.

2.     Ordering goods

A specific description and product features are always stated on our online shop. Even though we try to double check everything, there still may be a descriptive mistake. If such a mistake is apparent (such as a typo, a pricing mistake etc.), the erroneous information isn’t binding. Therefore if at any time you have any questions, queries or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We always aim to supply goods in perfect quality, whether it is completely new or renovated.

Our renovated furniture and home decor items do not come with a manual - but they are carefully restored and fully functional. If there are any issues with a specific product, you will always find such information at the product’s description on our website.

For you to be able to shop with us, you have to fill in all requested information during your order. Sending the order creates a purchase contract between us.  The goods listed in your order are the subject of this purchase contract.

In rare cases despite our best efforts we are unable to confirm your order. This may be due to various reasons, such as that this product is no longer in stock and/or we are unable to find it and restock it under the same conditions (e.g. price, delivery date, functionality etc.). You will always be immediately contacted in such cases.

3.     Ordering services

Our services are currently furniture renovation and rental.

When renting furniture and/or home decor items, our relationship will be guided by a rental contract that we will agree upon.

 What are the furniture renovation conditions?

 -       Renovation order

There is an online order form on our website where you fill in your contact details. At the same time, please describe in the form “Message” how you would like the furniture to be restored and how it should look after the renovation. Please also attach a photograph of the current state of your furniture. Based on your message we will estimate the next renovation steps and we will also supply you with a preliminary price quote.

-       Getting your furniture to us

Once you agree to our preliminary renovation method and pricing, we shall agree how to move your furniture to our workshop. You may ship it to us via a delivery company (we are happy to assist you with the choice of delivery services that we have good experiences with). For a fee, we can drive to you and pick up the furniture ourselves, or you may bring the furniture directly to our warehouse at Nanovo, Mladoboleslavská 1096, 197 00 Praha 19.

We are only responsible for your furniture once it is safely delivered to our warehouse.

Once your order is ready, we can ship the furniture back to you via the same means as stated above. If for some reason we are unable to agree on the mode of delivery, please be advised that it will be us choosing the adequate delivery mode.

-       Fixing your bespoke furniture

Once your furniture has arrived at our warehouse, we will contact you directly (or speak with you on the spot if it’s you bringing the furniture to us). Together we will put together a renovation plan. Based on this plan we will prepare a renovation order that will include all the necessary information about the renovation, including your specific wishes for the look and functionality, final pricing and renovation due date. You may confirm the renovation order directly with us at our address, or via email, letter or a text message. It is enough to state that you agree with the renovation order.

 -       Renovation price

The final price quote will be stated in the renovation order. Even though we will aim to keep that price it may still happen that unexpected costs will arise due to previously unforeseen circumstances. If such costs arise, we will have to adjust the pricing accordingly. If such a situation is about to arise, we will contact you immediately for consultation and agreement.

Payment for the renovation will be agreed upon individually. Usually it is a cash payment or a bank transfer.

Before we start with the renovation works, we kindly ask you to supply 50% deposit from our agreed renovation price. This deposit is reversible in case you change your mind and cancel the order; we only deduct our costs incurred up until the time of order cancellation.

When paying by cash you may pick up your renovated furniture right away. When paying via a bank transfer we will prepare it for pick up once the payment arrives to our account.

Important notice

As soon as we finish the renovation (or its renovation will be nearing its end), we will contact you to pick it up within a stated time. We strongly recommend picking up your order in time. Should you not pick it up within 14 days after the agreed date, we will start charging you a storage fee on day 15 (100.- + VAT per each delayed day). We will notify you about this by sending you a memo within 14 days after the missed pickup date. After this memo is sent, a 30 day term starts after which our right to sell the abandoned furniture arises. Potential profit from the product sales will be paid to you after agreement, however, we have a right to deduct all costs connected with storage and sales of the renovated piece.

Should your furniture be damaged during its stay at our warehouse, we will compensate you accordingly (as quoted furniture value before given renovation).


4.     Order confirmation

We can see your order immediately in our system. Delivery date is always listed on our website specific to each product.

Once your order is ready for shipping we will notify you. You will receive package details and tracking information. Alternately you will be asked to pick up your order personally, should you have selected this option. If any changes or issues with your order arise we will always notify you immediately. We will automatically confirm the reception of your order via email. Once your order is ready for pick up or shipped to you, we will again notify you via email. If you do not receive any messages from us, please check your Spam / Junk folder. If there are no messages, please contact us immediately.

5.     Order cancellation

You may cancel your order within 24 hours from its confirmation - and you may do so both by telephone or email. Please state your full name, email, order number and information about the item ordered.

6.     Delivery and packaging fees, payment information

If your items are smaller, they will be delivered by GLS shipping company (Czech Republic, EU), or DHL shipping company (other countries). Larger items such as furniture will be delivered by Toptrans shipping company (Czech Republic) and DHL shipping company (EU and other countries).

You can pay with your card (we send the goods once we receive your payment) and via Paypal (with 5,5% surcharge from the total product cost). Alternately you may pay with cash in person at our shop (Nanovo, Mladoboleslavská 1096, 197 00 Praha 19).

Personal pickup is available directly at our shop during opening hours only after we have confirmed (via email or telephone) that the item is ready for pickup.

Any cashless payments are considered paid once the given amount is credited to our bank account.

If you purchased our goods online at www.nanovo.cz, your invoice is sent to your email immediately after the reception of the payment.

7.     Order delivery

We always aim to send each and every delivery as soon as possible. Each product detail on our website states clearly when we should be able to ship it. The shipping date of products in stock can vary between 2 days to 8 weeks. Products that are with our suppliers have shipping dates set up to 3-4 weeks.

Your liability is to receive and pay for the ordered goods. Should you for any reason decide not to receive the item(s), we will consider that a withdrawal from contract. In such cases we will pay back the goods and delivery charges to you. Please keep in mind that the charges connected to redelivering the goods back to us may be charged to you. Should that happen we will discount such charges against the original purchasing price.

Please discuss the clearly damaged packaging or the goods immediately with the delivery company. Please write down any possible defects into the handover form. You do not have to accept damaged goods from the delivery company. Please document any damages (ideally take photos and write up a description) and let us know as soon as possible.


8.     Returning the goods

This withdrawal from the contract is only valid if you are shopping with us as a direct consumer (not within business activity or as a company). Czech laws guarantee you certain rights in such cases.

As a direct consumer you are entitled to withdraw from a contract agreed online within 14 days of the goods’ reception. You are obliged to notify us about your intention. Please specify what and when did you buy, include the order number and account information where we can return your money. You may also use a model form for contract withdrawal available below.

Please keep in mind that in very specific cases we might not accept your withdrawal or return or the goods. These are cases when we renovated and changed the goods according to your wishes.

Feel free to send the goods back together with all necessary information and safely packed back to our address (Nanovo, Mladoboleslavská 1096, 197 00 Praha 19, Jiří Mrázek, +420 608 719 149).

Should you like to exchange the goods for something else, please let us know what exchange that should be. We will double check the goods you are requesting are available, what is the pricing and we will consider the exchange possibility. This means that we may agree on a new purchase agreement. We will counter the price of the new item(s) against the exchanged item(s). Should you need to pay for the difference, we will notify you. We will also let you know if there is an overpayment that we will return to you via bank transfer.

Any costs connected with the purchase agreement withdrawal or exchange are fully paid for by the buyer (you). The withdrawal or the exchange are only possible in cases when the original goods are returned to us in undamaged condition and in original packaging including the invoice copy.

After the goods are returned, we will refund without any delay the original amount paid for the goods as well as delivery costs. We have up to 14 days since your withdrawal to do so - but we need a proof of the goods being sent to us. We have a right to consider whether the goods are undamaged, undisturbed and unused within the 14 day period. We will also be considering whether you may have lowered the goods’ value by handling it in other ways than is possible and typical given the product’s unique features.

Should you return to us any goods damaged due to your incorrect handling, we may lower the returnable amount as a compensation for the reduction of the goods’ value. Any refunds are made via bank transfer.

9.     Complaints

Any potential complaints will be dealt with accordingly and to your satisfaction. We will individually agree with you following the applicable laws. You as a customer are obliged to check the goods after receiving them to find out possible defects or damage. Potential defects have to be reported immediately. We are not responsible for defects and damages incurred during the shipping (this is responsibility of the delivery company).

All new goods may be returned within 24 months from the date of purchase unless stated otherwise. This period is only valid for manufacturing defects and cannot be applied to used goods. There is a 12 month period for returning used goods unless stated otherwise.

You cannot return items due to following reasons:
a) defects originated by common usage
b) incorrect use of the product
c) incorrect storage
d) defects for which the goods were already discounted

How to return the products:
1) Notify us about the claim via phone, email or a letter
2) Send the goods back recommandé (never cash on delivery as we will not accept such packages) to our address (Nanovo, Mladoboleslavská 1096, 197 00 Praha 19, Jiří Mrázek, +420 608 719 149+420 603 245 362). The goods must be appropriately packed to prevent further damages, it has to be clean and complete.
3) State the reason for your claim, your request to handle the complaint, your address, telephone, email and order number.
4) Include the invoice confirming the claimed goods come from our shop.

When making a complaint you will receive a confirmation from us including a complaint protocol which states when the complaint was made, what its contents were and what method of handling the complaint you require.
Depending on your choice you can claim for a defect that is significant:
-       exchange for a new or a missing item;
-       a free repair;
-       a reasonable discount;
-       a refund of the price on the basis of withdrawal from the contract.

For a defect that is minor (insignificant) you are entitled to choose between having the defect fixed or getting a reasonable discount.

Let us know which option you have chosen. Changing the selection without our consent is only possible if you have requested fixing of a defect that proves to be irreparable. If you do not choose your option from a significant defect in time you have the same rights as in the case of a minor defect.

We will handle your complaint as quickly as possible. This will be no later than within 30 days of its occurrence, specifically from the time we received our goods back from you. This period may be longer should we agree on it. We will provide you with a confirmation of the date and method of complaint handling, of any repairs, the duration of the complaint. We may also explain a potential rejection of the complaint.

If you are a direct consumer we will reimburse you for the costs you have spent on the complaint (at the lowest possible cost). Please ask us to refund any such costs without delay, no later than one month from the end of the period for making the complaint.

Should you consider our renovation defective (cases when the scope or the quality do not correspond to the agreed conditions), you are entitled to an official complaint. Please note that we are not the manufacturer of the furniture you handed over to us for renovation, therefore you cannot claim an original defect of the furniture. You can only claim a poorly conducted renovation by our company.

If the defect is repairable you may ask for either a repair, finalization of the renovation, or a discount. If the defect cannot be fixed and the renovated furniture cannot be used due to a substandard renovation, you are entitled to withdraw from the contract altogether or you may opt to ask for a discounted price and keep the product.

Please note that the reason for the complaint cannot be that the service provided does not meet your subjective expectations. The complaints are only related to dysfunctions, defects and substandard quality. You are also not entitled to complain about the method of renovation you have chosen and approved beforehand - such as the color, texture, appearance or material of the renovated furniture.

Please state the following: the service to which the complaint relates, your contact details, a thorough description of the defect and a request for the method of handling the complaint.

You can claim a defect in our renovation no later than six months after receiving the renovated furniture.

For other cases the conditions for complaints above will apply.


10.     Additional provisions

The prices listed on our website are final, include all taxes, and do not include the price for transport (see Shipping and Delivery costs).

When delivering goods without quantifying VAT, a special regime is used in accordance with Section 90 of Act No. 236/2004 on VAT as amended. This applies in particular to used furniture and home decor items.

The photos on our website can sometimes be illustrative and do not show the specific piece of goods offered (this is valid especially for used goods that come in series). Specifically with used furniture and items, the condition of any given piece may vary. The offered goods are always perfectly functional and correspond in size. Slight differences in visual condition (such as slightly darker/lighter hue) are not a reason to acknowledge a complaint.

Our online shop www.nanovo.cz may not be available around the clock, especially when we need to perform maintenance on either hardware or software. Thank you for understanding.

The costs of using the means of communication that you incur in connection with negotiating a contract between us are borne by you.

You also have the right to an out-of-court settlement of a consumer dispute. You can contact the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (Central Inspectorate - ADR Department, Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2, email: adr@coi.cz, web: adr.coi.cz). If the dispute has not been resolved directly with us you can file a petition no later than 1 year from the date on which you first exercised your right with us. An out-of-court dispute resolution can also be initiated online through the ODR platform available here: ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

These conditions are in Czech language and are governed by the Czech law. Czech courts have jurisdiction for any disputes (this does not affect the consumers’ rights arising from generally binding legal regulations).

We may change or amend our terms and conditions from time to time. The rights and obligations arising during the period of validity of the previous version of the terms and conditions are not affected in any way.

11.     GDPR (Personal Data Protection Regulation)

Our website www.nanovo.cz is fully compliant with the GDPR regulations. You can read more about how we handle personal data on our GDPR page.

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