Privacy policy

Are you interested in how we handle your personal data on the nanovo .cz website ? We try to be fair and careful and we care about our customers. So we decided to show you what happens to your personal information that you pass on to us when you order goods or any other service from us.

Do you order from us on the e- shop ?
In this case, we want only the most necessary information - name, address, telephone and email contact. We will only use this information to process your order. This means that we will - if necessary - hand them over to the transport company and use them for invoicing. We are obliged to archive invoices for 10 years, so your data will be stored with us during that time.

How is it with our registration?
The hen to fill in your billing and shipping information, you can choose whether you want to have with us the registration or not. We definitely recommend it - on the one hand, you have back access to all your orders from the beginning of time, you will not lose any invoice (which is suitable for a possible complaint or exchange of goods). By registering, you agree that we will store all the information you fill in the registration on our server. You can edit them at any time or delete the entire user. You do not undertake to subscribe to any newsletters or anything else. If you still do not want to register with us on the e- shop , it does not matter at all - just check the box "purchase without registration" in the last step of the order. Then we will save your data only for the specific order and the requisites necessary for its processing, ie invoicing and sending the shipment.

Don't worry - we know very well that too frequent and boring newsletters full of special discounts just bother you. That's why we care to send only the most interesting things and no more than once every 14 days, never more often! We use the established and verified MailChimp system to send these offers . We will keep your contact for five years, and if you do not want to continue subscribing, we will delete it. Of course, you do not have to agree to receive news. Just do not check the consent in the last step of the order.

Demands for renovations, furniture rental
If you send us an inquiry for furniture renovation or do you borrow furniture from us, for example as decoration for filming, or do you contact us via the web form?When requesting renovations or sending an inquiry via one of the web forms, we will want to fill in only the most necessary information that we need to process your request.

A visit to our studio? 
In our studio at Mladoboleslavská 1096, Prague 19, we do not have a camera, but I continuously monitor the building in which we live with security cameras . It's for our and your safety. The recordings from the cameras are stored in the cloud , where they are stored only for the necessary length of time. Only object managers have access to them . We use camera data only for security purposes, ie against theft and to protect our employees and customers. We do not pass on records to anyone. 

You gave us your consent to the processing of the data, but did you change your mind?
Never mind, and it will happen! All you have to do is send us an email revoking your consent to the processing of your personal data . Based on this email, we will delete your user account within 7 business days . In this case, only the invoices that we are required by law to archive will remain. If you do not have a registration with us, but you have agreed, for example, to subscribe to news, you can still unsubscribe from the newsletter and we will delete your data. There is a unsubscribe link in the footer of every email you receive from us. If you want us to delete you directly, just ask us in writing and we will comply within seven days.

How secure is your data on our website?
We do not underestimate anything and we make sure that your data is safe. We have an established e- shop and we have been continuously improving our system for 9 years. We have our own virtual server at Webhosting sro and we use HTTPS security SSL certificates. Payments with us are made exclusively through the trusted GoPay payment gateway. None of your personal data will ever leave our system, with the exception of the possible transfer of data to the companies DHL Express (Czech Republic) sro , DHL Freight CZ sro , and G LS (General Logistics Systems Czech Republic sro). We also pass on your data to the Mailchimp , Petr Macek & Co. service. sro , Google Analytics and our accountant, who works in the STEREO accounting system .

Of course, we use cookies on the website, especially so that the e- shop is fully functional, remembers what goods you have in your cart and you could conveniently shop.

How long have we stored your data and what if you suspect something is wrong?
We only store your data for the necessary length of time. This simply means as long as you are interested in ordering from us. Once your account has been inactive for more than five years, we will delete it and retain only the invoices from your purchases. If you still feel that something could have happened and that your data could have been misused, contact us at any time. We really care about keeping your data safe.

What are your rights regarding personal data on our website?
D Elam everything to us with your data stored safely, we did not require from you more than you really need and you both have the opportunity to find out exactly what we do with your data, but also possibly change.
According to the GDPR regulation, you have the right to delete all your data from our system (as described above). You can also revoke your consent to receive the newspaper at any time.
You can also ask us to "take out" what we know about you from the system and, if necessary, pass it on to whom you say.
Our website is fully compliant with the GDPR regulation.
Proof that your privacy seriously think, is the fact that our website and all our services in full compliance with the new European regulation on the protection of personal data, or- if GDPR.