We can repair almost anything

Since 2011, we have dedicated ourselves to the repair and sale of furniture and home accessories. Our main domain is furniture from the second half of the 20th century. Throughout the existence of Nanovo, we have encountered so many problems related to renovations, and so many craftsmen that now we can repair almost anything.

From start to finish -
Complete renovation

One of the main rules of our business is to sell items that our customers can use immediately. As passionate collectors, it frustrated us when we bought, for example, an old beautiful chair and had to spend long weeks repairing its various parts. The wooden frame at the carpenter's, then someone had to varnish the repaired frame, and then we went to the upholsterer. Whether it was furniture or some home accessories, it was always a very time-consuming procedure.

The foundation is skillful hands and quality materials

We dare say that with us, renovations are different. We simply repair the whole piece of furniture for you! If we cannot repair something ourselves, we likely know a craftsman who can. We take care of everything, and you get your piece back as new - repaired and functional.

So, we are able to repair almost anything made of quality materials. And if something cannot be repaired, it might be possible to remake it. In producing missing parts, we also use 3D printers. But we prefer to work with those old-fashioned craftsmen!

Adam Karásek

Owner of NANOVO
We take care of everything, and you receive your piece as new - repaired and functional.

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