Nanovo + tokyobike

We love beautiful functional and comfortable things and therefore we have cooperated on this project with the Czech brand Urbane, which is the importer of beautiful and comfortable tokyobike city bikes.
Nanovo is unique furniture that brings the right mood to your interior. tokyobike will be your comfortable and fashionable ride through the city. Both Nanovo and tokyobike will meet together in your living room. Just next to the black leather teak sofa a green urbane bike with luxury leather saddle will be parked. Have fun at home as well as on the street!

tokyobike is a small, independent bicycle company founded in 2002 in the quiet Tokyo suburb of Yanaka. Based on the concept of 'Tokyo Slow' the bikes are designed to be a light to ride with an emphasis on comfort over speed. The bike is simply a way to enjoy your city, as much about the journey as the destination.

Photo: Dita Havránková