Chair from the café U Zlatého Hada, designed Olbram Zoubek

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Dimensions: 70 × 128 × 55 cm
(W × H × D)
Designer: Olbram Zoubek
Manufacturer: Dřevopodnik Holešov
Country: Czechoslovakia
Decade: 1970s
P. number: 2001010D
Condition: After partial renovation

A unique chair with a concrete base, designed and built by Olbram Zoubek for the interior of the now defunct café U Zlatého Hada in Prague. The café was located at the corner of the streets Karlova and Liliová from 1974 until the 1990s, when the entire interior was irreparably damaged. The interior was designed by Ivo Loos and Jindřich Malátek, with sculptural work by Olbram Zoubek and Eva Kmentová. Zoubek was one of the most important Czech sculptors of the twentieth century, and he made significant contributions to the development of Czech architectural sculpture. He and his wife, Eva Kmentová, also collaborated on several public commissions.
The chair from the café has a concrete base resembling a coiled snake which was made in 1971 directly in Zoubek’s studio. The seat and back are made from steam-bent plywood with a walnut veneer, manufactured by Dřevopodnik Holešov. Unfortunately, the chair is not complete – the upper part of the backrest is missing. The padding is made up of several connected cushions covered in black leather. The wooden parts have undergone a complete renovation in our workshop, and the original upholstery has been cleaned and repaired.