T2407 armchair

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Dimensions: 65 × 72 × 67 cm
(W × H × D)
Designer: Viliam Chlebo
Manufacturer: Nanovo
Country: Czechoslovakia
P. number: 2204024C
Condition: New

A replica of the T2407 armchair originally designed by Viliam Chlebo in 1979. Chlebo is a Slovak architect and furniture designer whose collections for the company Kodreta Myjava, which include the T2403 and T2407 armchairs, were awarded the Gold Medal for Design at the Consumer Goods Retail Exhibition in Brno in 1980.
Architect Karel Prager even used the T2407 in his design for the prestigious interior or the brutalist New Stage of the National Theatre in Prague. The chair caught Prager’s eye with its airy frame and elegant design. The original model made for mass production had canvas upholstery, but for the New Stage of the National Theatre Chlebo and Prager altered the design to fit with the luxurious interior.

The armchair won second place in the Best Furniture category at Designblok, Prague International Design Festival, the largest design and fashion show in Central Europe.

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This replica armchair features a metal chrome frame and leather upholstery. This specific design was produced only for the New Stage of the National Theatre.

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