This year we decided to take a Designblok a bit differently. If you have been there, you know that we are talking about our space concept. You could find there an installation behind story of galactic smoke carriage with a little boy called Luca-Picard, who plane wrecked on an undiscovered planet. He discovered there unique and beautiful light which he had never seen before.

This unique Jawa light which was our most important exhibit on the Designblok 2017. This unique light, initially meant as a ceiling chandelier, created by Jawa factory workers for House of Culture in Týnec nad Sázavou - Brodce. Only eight pieces were ever made, designed specially for JAWA club. This light was made around the year 1961, when House of Culture in Týnec - where Jawa club was - was opened. The authenticity of this fixture was confirmed by the current Jawa executive director Mr. František Hruška. The magnificent light object is possible to place on the wall vertically, as you can see on the pictures; or horizontally on the ceiling, as it was originally meant to hang. Nanovo has started to produce the Jawa light in first edition of 10 pieces, all by the original design from 1961 with the combination of original blacksmith's technology and new LED technology. 

Photo: Dita Havránková