FRAN Interier

It's always an amazing feeling to have a customer who comes back. It's the best compliment we can get. We met this customer while she was reconstructing her apartment in Prague 1. She liked the simple lines of Jiri Jiroutek's chests of drawers. While she was purchasing her third piece, all natural, without the colourful drawers, we became interested in what interior is she putting them in.

Immediately we became enchanted by beautiful floors in her apartment, and also simple colour harmony of the entire interior. As we have said countless times before: to us, the combination of old and new creates a cozy welcoming home. And as a cherry on top, there is a robust dividing wall from a former restaurant in the living room.

This makes for a very charming customer, like the one that we dreamt of since the beginning of our business. So, big thanks to you, Fran!

Photo: Dita Havránková