Janja Prokić Studio

Janja Prokić is definitely one of the most outstanding personalities within the Czech jewellery market. The always classy Czech jewellery style is skilfully typified by its elegant minimalism and refined further by Janja's nature motifs, shamanism as well as cultural traditions from her native Serbia (Belegrad). Her richly decorated jewellery is inspired by nature and work with elements of flora and mainly fauna, such as birds, stags and foxes.
Janja opened her new studio in Autumn 2017 at Uhelný Trh in the historical Prague city center. She designed and created the studio herself in a lovely apartment with an amazing spirit. She combined the original wooden parquet floors with beautiful hues of the walls and finished with original furniture - and plants, of course.
It was an amazing honour for us to be part of her story and help her furnish her jewellery kingdom!

Take a look at her amazing creations here: http://www.janjaprokic.com

Photo by Dita Havránková