Jindřich Halabala in Volman's Villa

Chamber exhibition of furniture by the most famous Czech designer Jindřich Halabala

At the end of May it will be 120 years since the most famous Czech furniture designer was born in Koryčany. Jindřich Halabala improved thousands of homes throughout Czechoslovakia with his quality products at affordable prices and influenced the direction of local design in general. Several pieces of the famous designer's furniture, restored in the Nanovo workshop, can now be seen in the exhibition in the functionalist Villa Volman. The Halabala in Volman's Villa exhibition will run from 8 June to 31 August 2023.

NNV_HalabalaVolman_web003Sideboard with vitrine designed by Jindřich Halabala, photo by Dita Havránková in Volman's Villa

The Jindřich Halabala Furniture Collection


Designer for the whole republic

Jindřich Halabala (24 May 1903 - 18 November 1978) learnt carpentry in the family business and, after attending the woodworking school in Valašské Meziříčí, graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Prague. The most important period of the designer's work was connected with his employment at UP závody, which he joined in 1928. Thanks to the optimal combination of high product quality and mass production, furniture from UP závody found its way into almost every Czechoslovak household. You can read more about Jindřich Halabala's work for UP závody in our article about people who improved the quality of Czechoslovak housing.

halabala (1)
Jindřich Halabala sitting on the famous chair H-128.

Halabala combined the influence of Bauhaus and Functionalism with Art Deco and the skills of Czechoslovakian cabinetmakers. To this day, his work is a guarantee of quality, and if you find a Halabala chair in your attic, you can be sure that you will make a good profit after a quality renovation. It was the influence of functionalism on Halabal's furniture that led us to the Volman Villa, which proved to be the perfect place to showcase our renovations.


Exhibition in a forgotten villa in Čelákovice

Villa Volman, built between 1938 and 1939 according to the designs of Karel Jana and Jiří Štursa, was opened to the public in 2022. Its interior can be viewed during guided tours or private events, and now, thanks to the Halabala in Volman's villa exhibition, the opening hours will be extended even further. The exhibition in the villa's living room includes several pieces of furniture and accessories, including the UP závody sideboard, the famous H-259 table called "The Spider" and, of course, the iconic H-221 armchair. All the furniture on display has been restored in our workshop.

NNV_HalabalaVolman_web015Here you can see how the furniture and the modernist interior complement each other. Photos by Dita Havránková

We cordially invite you to the exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the designer. Don't forget to take a look at the period furniture that decorated Villa Volman.

Halabala in the Vila Volman

8. 6. - 31. 8. 2023

Vila Volman, Stankovského 1200/46, Čelákovice

You can visit the exhibition during guided tours of Villa Volman. If you are unable to attend one of the tours before the end of August, please contact us on +420 777 736 955 (Terezie Krausová) and we will arrange a special visit for you.