Treasures from old signs

Decorative letters and signs are bought by our customers as original decoration for homes and as a retro element for shops and offices. Some shapes can be used as shelves for books or flowers, but of course they are mainly there to add fun to your interior design.

And remember, from 16 March to 15 April 2023, we'll pay for the shipping of the letters.

Decorations that made history

As lovers and tireless seekers of quality design, we believe that the history behind an object is part of its value and charm. And decorative letters have that charm, whether you know their origins or can only guess. Most come from old colonial and factory signs, some were used as school accessories. They've been battered by dozens of winters, survived the fall of the last regime, and remain as a legacy to the visual identity of whoever once had them made for a living.

The letter N from the inscription Narex

Letters in e-shop Nanovo

All the letters you see here are from the last century and come from different parts of Czechoslovakia. They vary in size and material according to their origin - the letters from schools are made of wood, while the plastic letters that used to hang on facades are made of metal and have holes for screws. Some are 30 cm high, but the letters from the Narex factory sign, for example, reach a height of 1.5 m. We leave all the objects with their acquired patina so as not to erase a second of their history.

Inspiration from A to Z

The letters work as a design element on their own, but if our range of letters allows, you can turn them into an entire sign. You can see how great a word looks on a clean wall in the studio of designer Janja Prokić. The letters look great as decoration on your desk and you can even use many of them as a shelf. Hanging initials also make the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in art and design history.

An old metal sign in the studio of jewellery designer Janja Prokić.

The letter G, which serves as a functional part of the library.

From 16 March to 15 April 2023, we will deliver all letters purchased from our e-shop with FREE DELIVERY.